Committed to preserving the environment.

Supporting the environment by minimizing a building’s impact on the community and ecosystem is core to Morrissey Engineering’s mission. As a proud member of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), Morrissey Engineering is committed to designing and retrofitting buildings that maximize energy efficiency and utilize environmentally-friendly components.

US Green Building Council MemberThe goal of sustainable design is to limit the adverse effects of buildings on the environment by minimizing excessive energy use, reducing the depletion of natural resources and environmental pollution while also maintaining a comfortable and healthy building environment. Building green also optimizes the energy performance of the structure, which reduces the overall costs associated with long-term maintenance and operation.

Morrissey Engineering is a leader in LEED building design, the national standard for environmentally responsible building design based on industry-accepted benchmarks. Achieving LEED certification for a building increases its marketability and allows access to a growing array of state and local government incentives.

Our staff has designed and consulted on numerous LEED building and retrofitted projects including our own LEED Platinum-certified building. Our depth of experience combined with a diverse and highly qualified staff allows us to provide you sustainable designs that meet the industry’s highest level of operational efficiencies, environmental performance and interior comfort. Read more about our LEED consulting services.

Morrissey Engineering has demonstrated our commitment to sustainability by becoming an ENERGY STAR partner and is an annual sponsor of our local USGBC chapter, Nebraska Flatwater.