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Morrissey Engineering has earned our reputation as being the best and most experienced commissioning firm in the Midwest. 

We recognize that commissioning is vital to the successful operation of building facilities and our comprehensive processes for validating the electrical, mechanical, plumbing, fire alarm, and control systems that support the environments to make certain the building system is always protected. Our commissioning experts bring extensive knowledge, depth of experience, passion for their work, and are committed to providing the highest level of service to our clients in every engagement. Utilizing proven procedures and collaboration tools, we ensure that our service delivery is consistent time after time.

Commissioning is the systematic verification that building systems operate and interact as intended, both individually and as integrated systems. Because even the smallest detail in a building system can become the single point of failure that disables your building, Morrissey Engineering provides a full complement of commissioning services offered either independently or as part of a comprehensive commissioning solution tailored to your unique location, equipment selection and budget, including:

  • Design, drawing and specification review
  • Equipment submittal review
  • Development of commissioning specifications
  • Development of commissioning plan
  • Development of commissioning schedule
  • Development of equipment pre-functional checklists
  • Development of commissioning test scripts
  • Factory witness testing
  • Onsite verification of equipment installation
  • Functional performance testing of individual electrical and mechanical components and systems
  • Integrated systems coordination, outage testing, and capacity verification
  • Thermographic imaging of electrical connections
  • O&M manual review
  • Review of owner training materials and content
  • Development of systems operations manuals

Commissioning provides many benefits over the full project life cycle. The commissioning process not only provides a return on your investment with enhanced system performance, decreased operations and maintenance costs, and energy efficiency over the life of your building, it also assists with identifying correctable design and construction concerns early.  In some cases, these issues will be found even before construction begins, which can help to reduce the potential for additional costs and schedule impacts later in the project.

When commissioning has been completed, and after all issues have been resolved and the building turned over to the Owner, Morrissey Engineering knows that the key to continued facility uptime lies with a knowledgeable operations and maintenance staff. Including your staff as part of the commissioning team during functional performance testing and integrated systems testing provides valuable hands-on training of the equipment and systems they will be managing during their day to day operation of the facility. The opportunity to experience the building systems operating under all outage scenarios coupled with formal training from the equipment manufacturers ensures that your operation and maintenance staff are ready for any situation that could arise.

Featured commissioning experience:

Live Data Center Expertise and Capability

Commissioning Activities 

Commissioning plans and specifications are established to meet the needs and requirements of individual projects – just as engineering designs. The commissioning activities of a typical project are listed below:

Design Phase

  • Become knowledgeable with the design requirements of the facility
  • Review and provide written comments on the design intent
  • Review and provide written comments on the design documents
  • Attend design review meetings
  • Prepare a project specific commissioning plan
  • Prepare commissioning specifications

Construction Phase

  • Commissioning kick-off meeting
  • Develop a commissioning schedule
  • Conduct site visits to review equipment installation and project progress
  • Prepare equipment pre-functional checklists
  • Prepare functional performance tests for all commissioned equipment
  • Coordinate and conduct functional performance testing and integrated systems testing
  • Prepare a summary commissioning report
  • Package all startup and commissioning documentation


  • Ensure formal training provided by the contractors and equipment vendors meets the needs of the onsite staff
  • Prepare final commissioning report
  • Schedule a closeout meeting to review final resolution of any open items and ensure all parties are satisfied with the work performed and the results produced


  • A return visit prior to the end of the warranty period will be conducted to review the operation and condition of the commissioned systems to ensure all equipment and systems are operating in accordance with the original design intent.

To find out more about our commissioning services, please contact us:

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