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Measurable Sustainable Performance.

The LEED Dynamic Plaque has become Arc Skoru (https://arcskoru.com/). To see our current sustainability performance for the 4940 Building, and ongoing LEED certification status, click here.

The LEED Dynamic Plaque/ARC is an ongoing building performance monitoring and scoring platform for LEED-certified projects, providing annual recertification and global benchmarking. The plaque displays a Performance Score which reflects the measured performance of the building across 5 categories Energy, Water, Waste, Transportation and Human Experience.

Arc calculates a performance score out of 100, based on global building data and action-oriented strategies across five categories.

The Performance Score corresponds with the globally recognized LEED certification levels  (40-49 = Certified, 50-59 = Silver, 60-79 = Gold, 80+ = Platinum).

The Dynamic Plaque makes the invisible actionable and offers a means for interaction with the building on multiple levels: visitors can "see" performance, occupants can provide feedback on their experience, and owners and building managers can view trends to make informed decisions to optimize the building, benefiting people, planet and profit.