Building Optimization

As energy efficiency continues to become the highest priority in construction and building operations, more complex equipment and solutions are emerging that promise reduced energy consumption, reduced waste, and better operation.

Though greater levels of energy efficiency are enabled by more advanced solutions, efficiency is only achieved if these solutions operate properly. The complicated construction process of buildings as well as their maintenance and operations can lead actual performance to drift away from the intended design. Additionally, there are times when the original design may not have properly accounted for the real-world applications of the building.

Building optimization and commissioning services are a tool to ensure operational and energy efficiency. These services are also valuable when volunteer staff plays a significant role in Building Operations. 

Post-Occupancy Phase Energy Analysis & Benchmarking:

  • Energy Analysis
    • Assemble 12 months of comprehensive energy data (gas, electric, etc.)
    • Review individual utility billing statements
    • Analyze historic energy use, peak demand, and cost information
    • Develop Energy Utilization Index (EUI) and Energy Cost Index (ECI)
    • Benchmark EUI and $/gsf to similar buildings
    • Perform utility rate analysis
    • Calculate baseline for future energy use from linear regression analysis of existing data
    • Assess building performance in comparison to design predicted performance
  • Meet with owners designated operations staff (whether on staff or volunteer) to discuss any occupancy issues that have been found over the period. Assist in optimization or resolution of issues. Meetings will be calendared for 6 months after occupancy and 12 months after occupancy.