Our Philosophy

Morrissey Engineering was founded in 1999 in Omaha, Neb., on the philosophy that progressive and inspiring designs combined with superior customer service is our primary goal. We view every project as an opportunity to achieve innovative results that consistently inspire and exceed customer expectations.

Using a hands-on approach, we maintain an open and consistent line of communication with you and members of the construction team to ensure your project progresses in a timely and efficient manner. We thoroughly investigate and document the conditions in the field prior to design to accurately determine the designs and tools needed to allow your project to proceed smoothly and seamlessly. Our proactive approach allows us to foresee possible concerns and develop solutions before they become a problem.

While mechanical and electrical systems are recognized more for functionality than aesthetic value, we believe in creating designs that complement architecture and interior design, resulting in spaces that are comfortable, functional and aesthetically-pleasing.

Our experience and design expertise combined with highly responsive customer service and satisfaction has earned us the trust and respect of numerous long-term clients in Nebraska, the Midwest and on a national level.