Sustainable Sites

Choosing a building's site and managing that site during construction are important considerations for a project’s sustainability.

The Sustainable Sites category discourages development on previously undeveloped land; minimizes a building's impact on ecosystems and waterways; encourages regionally appropriate landscaping; rewards smart transportation choices; controls storm water runoff; and reduces erosion, light pollution, heat island effect and construction-related pollution.

Alternative Transportation

To reduce pollution and the impact on land development from automobile use, Morrissey Engineering encourages alternative transportation by providing employees with bicycle storage, changing rooms, showers and preferred parking for fuel-efficient vehicles and carpools.

Heat Island Effect & Light Pollution

To reduce heat islands and light pollution that can impact plant and wildlife habitat around the site, Morrissey Engineering uses reflective roofing and parking lot paving materials to reduce heat absorption. Interior and exterior lighting is designed to minimize light pollution from the project site.

Total possible LEED Sustainable Sites credits: 14. Total credits received: 10.