Water Efficiency

Buildings are major users of our potable water supply. The goal of the Water Efficiency credit category is to encourage smarter use of water, inside and out. Water reduction is typically achieved through more efficient fixtures inside and water-wise landscaping outside.

Water Efficient Landscaping

To limit the use of potable water for landscape irrigation, the site’s irrigation system is fed entirely from an on-site pond designed to collect rainwater drainage from the building’s roof. A satellite weather-based controller reduces water consumption by 50 percent.

Water Use Reduction

To maximize indoor water efficiency and reduce the burden on the municipal water supply and wastewater systems, Morrissey Engineering utilizes low-flow fixtures including water closets, sinks, showers and lavatories. As a result, the building’s calculated water consumption has been reduced by more than 40 percent.

Total possible LEED Water Efficiency credits: 5. Total credits received: 4.