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Morrissey Engineering is committed to being at the pinnacle of new technology and engineering trends. Our progressive designs will achieve the most reliable and high performance solutions for your project.

We have a broad range of experience, knowledge and diversity in designing all types of technically advanced systems from the simple to very complex such as video matrixes, nurse call systems, audiovisual projects and large telecommunications and data centers.

Our technology engineers are known for their in-depth knowledge and understanding of the most intricate systems as well as their ability to produce very detailed and precise designs. This precision ensures superior performance of your systems.

Our experienced staff includes certified registered communications distribution designers (RCDD) and electrical engineers, who bring exceptional qualifications and expertise in the design, integration and implementation of complex telecommunications systems, network infrastructure components, sophisticated alarm and security systems.

Our range of technology engineering services include:

  • Technology intensive project design including Internet hosting facilities and data center design
  • Structured cabling design
  • Professional audio/visual production systems
  • Internet protocol (IP) and traditional security
  • System integrations
  • Equipment evaluation
  • Intelligent building monitoring systems
  • IP and traditional intercommunications